Industry We Serve

  • Corporate House
  • IT/BPO
  • Manufacturing Unit
  • Educational Campus
  • Hospitals
  • Airport
  • Residential Township
  • Restaurants
  • Automobile
  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Malls/Multiplexes


With PAN India training capability consisting of more than 14 training centres and well experienced and motivated training staff, we can train people in different states as per requirement of corporates, hotels, financial institutions and manufacturing units.

Our high standard syllabus and industry based training material equips the trainees to meet the corporate challenges.

Our training includes general house keeping, facade cleaning and front desk management.

Why Training about "Housekeeping Training" Matters.

  • Reflects an image of a well-run, successful organization.
  • Improves productivity, quality and Boosts morale.
  • Improves confidence of staff.
  • Eliminates accident and fire hazards.
  • Assists in improving client satisfaction.
  • Maintains safe, healthy work conditions.
  • Saves time, money, materials, space, and effort.


  • House Keeping
  • Facade and Glass Cleaning
  • Pest Control Services
  • Training
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Maintenance
  • Contract Staffing

Some Key Points considered in Training:

  • Keep aisles, passage ways, stairways, and floors clear of tools, materials, boxes, cords, cables, air hoses, and trash.
  • Close drawers.
  • Put tools and materials away when you’re not using them.
  • Cover sharp edges of tools.
  • Stack materials carefully, so they won’t fall or block sprinkler access.
  • Clean up all spills immediately and properly—or call someone who can.
  • Prepare a snag list. Report any loose or broken flooring or other broken equipment.
  • Avoid keeping food and beverages in the work area.
  • Place all trash in proper containers—closed metal containers for combustible waste.
  • Don’t let paper or other combustibles come in contact with lights or electrical equipment.
  • Prevent dirt or grease buildup on machinery and equipment.
  • Smoke only where permitted, and put out smoking materials in ashtrays.
  • Keep flammable liquid containers closed when not in use.
  • Don’t place tools or equipment on the edges of shelves or tables.
  • A good housekeeping program must include careful planning, a cleanup schedule or policy, Effective inspection, and continuous enforcement of housekeeping rules.
  • Inspect your area for unnecessary tools, equipment, parts, materials, and supplies; items that are not needed should be sent to the storage room or used for salvage.
  • Reorganize the storage area in your workplace.  Establish one or more storage areas for holding finished products and daily quantities or raw materials and supplies; storage areas should not obstruct aisles and work areas.
  • Create a daily cleanup policy and program.  Periodically review housekeeping rules, cleanup policies, and procedures.
  • Order results in greater and safer production of better products at lower costs. 
  • This means increased business and prosperity for our company and for the employees.

We also have personal training and familiarization programs in above field. Some of our positive approaches are:

  • The familiarization of staff with the work sites and help them to identify the critical area of work which has to be rectified.
  • We also ensure that the staff is well groomed, well behaved, well turned out  and disciplined in the work hours.
  • Train the various unskilled personnel on how to utilize different equipment for various tasks.
  • Ensure that the staff carries out the tasks as per assignment schedules.

We also provide ON JOB TRAINING to our HKs and also provide a module syllabus on training to our Supervisors/FE/FMs.